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We are Indiwood.com

Indiwood.com is the No. 1 talent database website of India, run and managed by IPEG Solutions, a Kolkata based internet media and software company. If you are looking to hire a model, or singer or want to apply as an actor, there are thousands of individuals, agencies and companies whom we can get you in touch with. Register 100% free and put your profile for thousands of directors to see. On Indiwood, you can create your business identity, showcase your talents and connect with people in the entertainment, television, media and advertising industry who are looking for you, all for FREE!

The mission of Indiwood is to provide a platform for people connected with the entertainment, television media and advertising, all over the world to come, unite, share and produce. Our operations span all over India and covers Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood and we are keen on expanding our services to Hollywood.

Why You Choose Indiwood.com?

Our Free platform gives you, the independent professional and businesses from the entertainment, television, media and advertising a chance to promote and share their services.

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  • Hire actors, writers, production staff and get hired! Indiwood gives you the chance of hiring professional actors,writers and production stuff and get hired
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  • Showcase your talent, portfolio, audio, video, images 24X7 with us Indiwood gives you the oppurtunity to showcase your talent, portfolio, audio, video, images etc and improve your chances of selection.
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  • Promote your entertainment, television, production related business services. Indiwood gives you the oppurtunity to promote your entertainment, television and production related business services.
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  • Promote your talent and get a casting call. Get casting calls and recruitment offers from job listers and apply in any job or audition through indiwood.

We have with Us

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  • Artist, Performers Large Number of Actors asd performers are registered with us
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  • Directors & Production Staff Directors and production staff visit our site on aregular basis to post a requirement as well as to search talent
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  • Financers, Distribution companies Financers and distributed companies are registered with us.
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  • Consultants , co-ordinators, Instructors, Trainers Trainers and instructors visit indiwood's site daily.
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  • Studios & Locations We have studio space for shooting and the recruiter who come to indiwood to post a job have their set up ready always.
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  • Post production Companies Post production companies are in touch with us.